3 Important Factors To Be Kept in Mind While investing in Mutual Funds

Today many of us knows about mutual funds and the role of SIP(Systematic Investment Plan)in creating wealth in the long-run. Thanks to AMFI’s “Mutual Fund sahi hai”campaign and the investor awareness sessions conducted by amc’s(Asset Management Companys-Nothing but mutual fund firm) Even though amc’s are trying to create awareness among investors, it is fact thatContinue reading “3 Important Factors To Be Kept in Mind While investing in Mutual Funds”

Simple Strategy To Beat Mutual Fund SIP Returns

The term SIP(Systematic Investment Plan)has became popular due to the investor awareness campaigns conducted by AMFI(Association of Mutual Funds of India)and AMC’s(Asset Management Companies- Nothing but Mutual Fund Company). Though this term SIP is relevant in volatile conditions, there’s a simple strategy to beat normal sip returns! For that you should have- Time to watchContinue reading “Simple Strategy To Beat Mutual Fund SIP Returns”

When is the right time to start a sip?

Today everybody are familiar with the investment tool- SIP(Systematic Investment Plan). This is possible due to “Investor Awareness Campaigns” conducted by amc’s(Fund Houses)and by AMFI(Association of Mutual Funds of India). Even though investors are aware of sip, there are certain myths revolving in the minds of the investors like- SIP Myths– To start a SIP,Continue reading “When is the right time to start a sip?”

When To Alter Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

Today almost 90% of the Indians are aware of mutual funds; Thanks to “Mutual Fund- Sahi Hai” campaign by Amfi. As a part of investors awareness sessions many amc’s(mutual fund houses)are creating awareness on mutual fund sip’s(Systematic Investment Plans) Because of the interactive sessions conducting by amc’s many retail investors are investing through sip route.Continue reading “When To Alter Your Mutual Fund Portfolio”

Planning To Achieve 1 Crore Corpus Through Mutual Funds, Plan This way!

Today Everbody are aware of Mutual Funds! Thanks to AMFI- “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai Campaign”and various investors awareness programmes conducted by various fund houses Today all are aware that mutual funds especially equity mutual funds works best in the long-run. But due to hasty decisions taken by investors, they withdraw their corpus in the interim.Continue reading “Planning To Achieve 1 Crore Corpus Through Mutual Funds, Plan This way!”

SEBI’s New Norms On Mutual Fund Distributors

SEBI has the power to review and excerise the role of mutual fund distributors business compliances. As a part of mutual fund business done by the distributors they have to obey the orders of SEBI. Recently SEBI amended norms on mutual fund distributors. As per SEBI- If the mutual fund distributor is actively managing hisContinue reading “SEBI’s New Norms On Mutual Fund Distributors”