How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?

We all save money for our future needs, but saving alone won’t suffice in these highly inflationary days. Though you may accept or not your earning capacity is limited where the inflation rate is around 8-9% per annum in India. It is fact that we can’t control inflation, but it is in our hands toContinue reading “How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?”

Do You Need To Pay Tax on Sale Of Legally Acquired Shares?

Some people tend to stay invested for the long-term and hold some shares for years. But if the share holder expires due to any unforeseen event, then the shares would be transferred to the legal heirs. Do you ever think that transmission of shares legally from your father, grand father attracts any tax? The IndianContinue reading “Do You Need To Pay Tax on Sale Of Legally Acquired Shares?”