Good News For HDFC Bank Customers! HDFC Bank Revises F.D Interest Rates

Bumper bonanza to HDFC Bank customers! HDFC Bank is one of the leading private sector banks in India. As fixed deposit interest rates went to all-time low in the recent times, depositors loose hope to save their hard-earned money in bank fixed deposits. To their surprise slowly banks are hiking interest rates gradually and nowContinue reading “Good News For HDFC Bank Customers! HDFC Bank Revises F.D Interest Rates”

PNB Slashes Savings a/c Interest Rates

Most of the people save their money in savings a/c. They consider it as an emergency fund to withdraw at any point of time. Even though savings a/c interest rates are pretty low, people consider savings a/c as a safe heaven to withdraw in emergencies. Here’s a bad news for those who rely entirely onContinue reading “PNB Slashes Savings a/c Interest Rates”

Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates

In India Fixed Deposits(FD’s)are popular saving instrument. Guaranteed returns and easy encashment at any point of time makes bank customers stick to fixed deposits even now! Even though fixed deposits interest rates are declining in the recent times, some customers still prefers FD’s due to its safety nature. For those who are preferring FD’s, here’sContinue reading “Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates”