Bank Holidays in February 2022

Today almost every Indian has a bank account. This was possible by the Modi Government’s initiative “Jan Dhan Yojana”- a scheme to open a basic savings a/c by every individual.Almost 99.98% bank accounts are active and are doing banking transactions for their needs. Even though corporates and high-networth individuals use online banking facility, instead ofContinue reading “Bank Holidays in February 2022”

Official Bank Holidays in January 2022

We all need to do cash transactions at banks in our day-to-day life. But before going to do cash transactions, it is better to know about banks working status. As per official gazette notification issued by RBI there are 9 bank holidays(Excluding Weekends) but these 9 holidays varies from state to state. According to theContinue reading “Official Bank Holidays in January 2022”

Bank Holidays in October 2021

Do you need emergency cash urgently! Hold-on! There are 21 Bank Holidays falling in October 2021(varies from state to state). So be prepared to do your cash transactions accordingly! According to RBI, There are 14 bank holidays due to various festivals and 7 weekly holidays(2nd and 4th Saturdays, Sundays). Various bank holidays include- October 1-Continue reading “Bank Holidays in October 2021”