Are You Looking To Do Long-Term F.D in Banks? Here’s a Good News From SBI

We all know that SBI(State Bank of India)is a leading public sector bank runned under the ownership of the government. SBI is abide to the government’s regulations especially by the guidelines of the RBI(Reserve Bank of India) As RBI gives hint to hike interest rates further, SBI has hiked interest rates on the long termContinue reading “Are You Looking To Do Long-Term F.D in Banks? Here’s a Good News From SBI”

PNB Slashes Savings a/c Interest Rates

Most of the people save their money in savings a/c. They consider it as an emergency fund to withdraw at any point of time. Even though savings a/c interest rates are pretty low, people consider savings a/c as a safe heaven to withdraw in emergencies. Here’s a bad news for those who rely entirely onContinue reading “PNB Slashes Savings a/c Interest Rates”

Good News For Gold Loan Borrowers! PNB Slashed Gold Loan Interest Rates

As many banks are coming with rainy offers on the festive season ahead, Almost all banks are reducing their loan interest rates to attract customers. Recently, one of the government sector bank Punjab National Bank(PNB) has slashed their gold loan interest rates. Point to note here that Gold loans are available on- Pledge of goldContinue reading “Good News For Gold Loan Borrowers! PNB Slashed Gold Loan Interest Rates”

SBI Bonanza To Home Loan Borrowers

As we all know that SBI is the India’s largest public sector bank backed by the government support. As of now, it is one of the leading lending institutions in India. With a view to expand its loan growth, SBI offers exclusive deals to those who have good credit history. The deals offered by SBIContinue reading “SBI Bonanza To Home Loan Borrowers”

SBI Slashes Interest Rates To Loan Borrowers!

If you have a good source of income and wanted to avail loan for your future goals, Here’s a good news from SBI! SBI has slashed 5 Basis Points(0.05%)on all types of loans which would come into effect immediately from September 15th,2021. With this implementation the interest rates has reduced to 7.45% while the PrimeContinue reading “SBI Slashes Interest Rates To Loan Borrowers!”

Kotak Mahindra Bank Offers “Lowest in The Decade”Home Loan Interest Rates

Are you looking for cheaper home loans? Here’s a good news from Kotak Mahindra Bank! It offers “Lowest in the decade” Home Loan interest rates up to November 8th. With a view to increase its loan volumes,The bank has reduced 15 Basis Points(100 Basis Points=1 Percent). With the 15 basis points reduction, Kotak bank isContinue reading “Kotak Mahindra Bank Offers “Lowest in The Decade”Home Loan Interest Rates”