Geo Political Tensions are Temporary; Wealth Creation is Permanent

We all know that stock market is a rewarding tool if you take risk, One should invest in stock market as per their risk-appetite. Those who can’t bear risk can choose “Mutual Funds”- a safer bet when compared to the stock market. The reason why mutual funds are relatively safer than stock market is- “YouContinue reading “Geo Political Tensions are Temporary; Wealth Creation is Permanent”

Don’t Blame Markets For Your Actions

Even though Retail investors are entering into stock markets due to surge in work from home culture, even today there is a strong belief among many that- Stock Markets are Gambling Investors always loose money in stock market Stock Markets are only for big shots(Rich People) We Need to book Profits Periodically otherwise your ProfitsContinue reading “Don’t Blame Markets For Your Actions”

What To Do, What Not To Do in a Falling Market

As per investors psychology, they tend to invest more when the markets are in bull run(Rising Market)whereas they sell-off their investments in bear market(Falling Markets)in anticipation of further losses. This is the natural tendency of the investors in the stock market. But The Real “Wealth” is created only in bear phase. When we observe theContinue reading “What To Do, What Not To Do in a Falling Market”

Right Time To Exit From The Mutual Funds

Most of the investors invests in mutual funds with a “Goal in Mind”. But due to uncontrollable emotions they randomly enter and exit mutual funds frequently. That “uncontrollable Emotions” are- Greed and Fear When the market is in bull run they invests more with “Greed” in anticipation of their investment growth but when the marketContinue reading “Right Time To Exit From The Mutual Funds”

Don’t Do Sip’s Until You Realise This!

There is lot of noise in the media that SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is one-stop solution to all of your financial needs! Yes SIP is a wonderful tool to achieve your goals, No Doubt about it! But are you fully dependent on SIP’s for your life goals? Read the full story! Don’t rely fully on Sip’s–Continue reading “Don’t Do Sip’s Until You Realise This!”

HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund Review

HDFC Mid Cap Opportnities is purely a mid cap fund primarily invests in mid sized companies. It experiences 14 years(Till Now)investment journey oof which it came across many bear and bull phases, but still it remains to give 16.70% Positive Returns. HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund Details- Fund Type- Open Ended Fund Category- Mid Cap FundContinue reading “HDFC Mid-Cap Opportunities Fund Review”

Kotak Bluechip Fund Review

Kotak Bluechip Fund is one of the oldest “Large Cap” Fund. It was earlier known as “Kotak 50” Fund, but after SEBI’s classification, it was renamed as “Kotak Bluechip” Fund. It primarily invests in Bluechip(Gaint)stocks which has impressive track record. The Fund has more than 22 years of sound track record which has sailed throughContinue reading “Kotak Bluechip Fund Review”