Avoid These 3 Biases While Investing in Stock Market

Of the wealth creating assets, Stock Market has its own significance! Some say that it is a “Wealth Creator” in the long term while some say it is “Gambling” What’s we have to understand is it’s our behavior whether to earn profits or to make loss in the stock market! Confused? Read the rest story.Continue reading “Avoid These 3 Biases While Investing in Stock Market”

If You Have Patience To Hold Your Investments For Long Term, No One Could Stop You From Being Rich

In todays fast changing world, every thing is being done instantly! Instant Job Change, Instant Success, Instant Decisions, Instant Financial Plans; All are instant! But do you agree that a plant would grow in months after seed sowing and reap the fruits instantly! Your child grows to 6 inches when he was 6 Years! YouContinue reading “If You Have Patience To Hold Your Investments For Long Term, No One Could Stop You From Being Rich”

Axis Focused 25 Fund Review

Axis Focused 25 Fund scheme objective- The scheme aims to derive capital appreciation in the long run by investing in a bunch of stocks upto 25(Maximum)stocks. The fund manager has the flexibility to select stocks across all market caps. Axis Focused 25 Fund Details– Launch Date- 1st January,2013(Direct Plan),2012 June 29th(Regular Plan) Benchmark- Nifty 50Continue reading “Axis Focused 25 Fund Review”

Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund Review

Canara Robeco is 2nd oldest fund house in India. It has decent funds of which we are discussing about Canara Robeco Emerging Equities- A Large and Midcap Fund which has a long track record. Fund Details– Launch Date– 11th March,2005(Regular Plan), 1st January 2013(Direct Plan) Benchmark– Nifty large midcap 250 total return index Returns sinceContinue reading “Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund Review”

Mirae Asset Focused Fund Review

Mirae Asset is a south-korean based investment manager company. It was founded in 1997 by Park Hyeon-Joo and within a few years of its launch, it has gained investors trust. Mirae has entered Indian mutual fund industry in 2007-2008 and created wealth to Indian investors through their funds. Of them, we are discussing about Mirae AssetContinue reading “Mirae Asset Focused Fund Review”

Don’t Say Excuses For Not Investing; Instead Start Investing Right Now!

When we ask some middle class people on their investments, we typically hear -“My earnings are not sufficient to meet my daily needs, then how can i invest?”. This is the typical reason most of the middle class people excuses themselves for not investing!. Even Though a good financial advisor explains the need of investing,Continue reading “Don’t Say Excuses For Not Investing; Instead Start Investing Right Now!”