Know The Modified GST Rates Applicable From January1st,2022

Though New Year brings josh to youth this year 2022 lays more financial burden on the consumers. GST Council identified some specific goods which are derailing government revenue and so decided to hike GST Rates from this January1st,2022. According to GST Council Goods which are approved to be hike are- Online Food Delivery Cabs FootwearContinue reading “Know The Modified GST Rates Applicable From January1st,2022”

Bajaj Housing Finance Offers Lowest Of The Decade Home Loans

Are you looking for a home loan? Here’s a good news for you! India’s leading private sector financial institution Bajaj Finance offers home loan at 6.65 interest rate, which is lowest among all loan providers. Another additional feature is the loan provided would be linked to the RBI Repo Rate and it is the firstContinue reading “Bajaj Housing Finance Offers Lowest Of The Decade Home Loans”

Smart Shopping Ideas

We all do shopping in our day-to-day life. Due to surge in internet usage, shopping trend has been changed completely to online! It is no surprise that even a teenager doing online shopping today. But when we closely observe shopping habits of the people it is fact that Indians are “Over-spending” beyond their means. ThisContinue reading “Smart Shopping Ideas”