When To Alter Your Mutual Fund Portfolio

Today almost 90% of the Indians are aware of mutual funds; Thanks to “Mutual Fund- Sahi Hai” campaign by Amfi. As a part of investors awareness sessions many amc’s(mutual fund houses)are creating awareness on mutual fund sip’s(Systematic Investment Plans) Because of the interactive sessions conducting by amc’s many retail investors are investing through sip route.Continue reading “When To Alter Your Mutual Fund Portfolio”

Know The Taxation On International Mutual Funds

Some investors tend to invest globally as a part of diversifying their investments. To encourage them, mutual fund companies are coming with new NFO’s(New Fund Offers)to invest globally. Some amc’s(Asset Management Companies)are already offering international mutual funds. Though diversifying investments globally is welcome-note, one should know the taxation rules on them! Taxation on International MutualContinue reading “Know The Taxation On International Mutual Funds”

When is The Right Time To Exit From Mutual Funds?

Even though mutual fund is a long-term investment tool, it is not possible for every one to stay invested for the long-term. Some investors are over-anxious on the market rallies and tend to book profits anticipating of the market-crash in the near future. While some investors purchase mutual fund units when the market is atContinue reading “When is The Right Time To Exit From Mutual Funds?”

Consider “Liquid Funds” as an Alternative To Bank Savings a/c

We all save money in banks for emergency needs, but do you know there is alternative to these savings a/c with same liquidity and safety levels in mutual funds? What are Liquid Funds? Liquid funds are a type of debt instrument which invests primarily in money market instruments ranging from 7-90 days. Generally liquid fundsContinue reading “Consider “Liquid Funds” as an Alternative To Bank Savings a/c”

Mutual Funds Taxation

Mutual Funds are recommended investment tool to earn huge corpus in the long-run. Like every capital asset involves tax, Mutual Funds too attracts capital gains tax. Capital Gain Meaning– The appreciation you derived in between the purchase price and selling price is capital gain of that asset. Meaning of Debt Funds– Debt funds are oneContinue reading “Mutual Funds Taxation”