Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund Review

Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund is an aggressive hybrid fund which invests in equity 65% and 35% in Debt. It balances the volatility of equity and stable returns of debt. This fund is suitable for those who are new to mutual funds and can’t take risk too much. This fund is suitable for long term(5Continue reading “Canara Robeco Equity Hybrid Fund Review”

Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Review

For those who can’t take high risks by allocating all their capital to “Equity”, can consider “Hybrid Equity Funds” as they stabilises both equity and debt component proportionately. Generally Hybrid Funds carries 65% Equity and 35% Debt which manages risk to certain extent. There are few “Aggressive Hybrid Funds” in the market while we areContinue reading “Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Review”

Which is Better? Repaying Debt or Making Investment?

It’s festive season and some of you may receive bonus in addition to their salary! Some people tends to enjoy the festive mood while some aims to make fresh investments expecting huge returns! But the fact they are missing-out is assessing their current financial position and check if they are holding huge credit card bills,Continue reading “Which is Better? Repaying Debt or Making Investment?”

Link Your Investments To Your Life Goals

Some people starts investing on the advise of a friend/relative without committing that investment to their goals. Even starting investing is a welcome note, not linking them to their life goals is worrisome. Why Linking Investments To Goals is Important? Do you start journey without knowing where do you want to go?Obviously-No; Likewise while startingContinue reading “Link Your Investments To Your Life Goals”

Steps To Be Taken if You Are Nearing Your Goal

Every individual has a unique set of goals and he invests as per his goal requirement. Generally Financial Planners recommends Equity; a volatile product for your long term goals. For your short term goals they recommend fixed-income instruments, debt funds etc. There is no problem with the short-term investment avenues as they give guaranteed returnContinue reading “Steps To Be Taken if You Are Nearing Your Goal”