Union Bank of India Latest F.D Rates

We all know that Andhra Bank and Corporation Bank are merged into Union Bank of India; A Government sponsored bank. UBI(Union Bank of India) has decades of history with strong customer-base. Many Depositors shows interest to deposit their hard-earned money in government-run banks as they are relatively safer than private banks. If you are aContinue reading “Union Bank of India Latest F.D Rates”

Now You Can Make Deposits, Investments Through Amazon Pay!

As digital payments are on track, E-commerce Giant Amazon has tied-up with Kuvera.in to accept deposits and investments from the customers. That means from now-onwards, amazon customers can make fixed deposits, mutual fund transactions through amazon pay in collaboration with Kuvera. The technology platform was provided by kuvera, a leading investing platform which manages 28,000Continue reading “Now You Can Make Deposits, Investments Through Amazon Pay!”