Customers Be Prepared To Complete Your Banking Transactions in Advance! There Might Be a Bank Strike in The Coming Days

Today every individual is dependent on bank transactions for their personal and day-to-day business activities. Even though today’s banking transactions are transformed into online transactions, there might be need of banking professionals in emergencies. We can’t imagine a day without doing financial transactions. Especially in this wedding season(February 2022)it’s importance is relevant. So in precautionContinue reading “Customers Be Prepared To Complete Your Banking Transactions in Advance! There Might Be a Bank Strike in The Coming Days”

If You Have Started Investing From Your First Salary, Sooner You Will be a Crorepati

The whole concept of “Savings” has been changed due to generation change. While older generation wishes to “Save First and Spend the Rest” now the current generation is following “Spend Lavishly(with credit Cards and EMI’s)by enjoying the current moment”. While older generation lives comfortably with their “Savings” the present generation is looking towards EMI(Easy MonthlyContinue reading “If You Have Started Investing From Your First Salary, Sooner You Will be a Crorepati”

FD Interest Rates Of All Popular Banks

There is no strange on all Indians knowing the saving instrument Fixed Deposit(FD). Due to its secure and predictable maturity value many Indians are preferring to do FD’s even today. Inspite of falling interest rates in the recent times, due to its safety nature many savers(not investors)are doing FD’s. Whatever the savers intention may beContinue reading “FD Interest Rates Of All Popular Banks”

PNB Slashes Savings a/c Interest Rates

Most of the people save their money in savings a/c. They consider it as an emergency fund to withdraw at any point of time. Even though savings a/c interest rates are pretty low, people consider savings a/c as a safe heaven to withdraw in emergencies. Here’s a bad news for those who rely entirely onContinue reading “PNB Slashes Savings a/c Interest Rates”

Are Your Investments Having Enough Liquidity?

Before making investment We should know the nature of the investment product and its liquidity.Not all products have enough liquidity(Allows you to withdraw in emergencies). So before making investment you should consider “Liquidity” risk. If that investment product fails to repay your corpus you will be deeply depressed and fall into financial crises. You shouldContinue reading “Are Your Investments Having Enough Liquidity?”

Steps To Cut Down Your Expenses Gradually

Everyone thinks to cut-down their expenses and save money for future. But due to life-style changes and growing inflation it is becoming an impossible task! But by following some simple steps, you can gradually decrease your expenses- Think Twice Before Purchasing an item– Due to heavy competition among malls, e-commerce sites, there are various offersContinue reading “Steps To Cut Down Your Expenses Gradually”

Consider “Liquid Funds” as an Alternative To Bank Savings a/c

We all save money in banks for emergency needs, but do you know there is alternative to these savings a/c with same liquidity and safety levels in mutual funds? What are Liquid Funds? Liquid funds are a type of debt instrument which invests primarily in money market instruments ranging from 7-90 days. Generally liquid fundsContinue reading “Consider “Liquid Funds” as an Alternative To Bank Savings a/c”