Things to remind in mind while picking a stock in a falling market !

Stock Market is a number game, it is generally volatile with severe ups and downs within the share prices. Many successful investors proved that picking a right stock in a right time(bear market)generates wealth, but not at all times it works in favour of the investors. Picking a Right Stock at an attractive valuations isContinue reading “Things to remind in mind while picking a stock in a falling market !”

What To Do in a Falling Market?

Stock Market is a risky instrument as well as a rewarding tool too. If you utilise your skills with patience none other than product gives as much rewarding as stock market. Generally investors tend to invest more in a rising market(Bull Phase)rather than in a falling market(Bear Phase)! Almost 99% of investors get panic andContinue reading “What To Do in a Falling Market?”

What To Do, What Not To Do in a Falling Market

As per investors psychology, they tend to invest more when the markets are in bull run(Rising Market)whereas they sell-off their investments in bear market(Falling Markets)in anticipation of further losses. This is the natural tendency of the investors in the stock market. But The Real “Wealth” is created only in bear phase. When we observe theContinue reading “What To Do, What Not To Do in a Falling Market”