Protection First; Investments Next

When compared to developed countries(foreign countries) Indians pay less attention to insurance products, some treat it as an investment product(return giving product on maturity)while some don’t realise the importance of insurance in their day to day life. Even today almost 75-80% of Indians are not protected with life cover even after Covid-19 pandemic! Though itContinue reading “Protection First; Investments Next”

Smart Shopping Ideas

We all do shopping in our day-to-day life. Due to surge in internet usage, shopping trend has been changed completely to online! It is no surprise that even a teenager doing online shopping today. But when we closely observe shopping habits of the people it is fact that Indians are “Over-spending” beyond their means. ThisContinue reading “Smart Shopping Ideas”

Money Mistakes To Be Avoided For A Better Financial Future

Everyone wants to be financially independent! But it is possible only for some ones, Do you know the resason why? Financially successful people inculcates savings and investments habits from their initial years! Their self-discipline towards savings make them financially free from worries and economic problems. If you want to be one of the successful investorsContinue reading “Money Mistakes To Be Avoided For A Better Financial Future”

Central Government Modifies Ex-Gratia Norms in Case Of Demise During the Employment Period

If any central government employee demises during the service period Government slightly modifies the ex-gratia norms. The modified norms are as follows- Earlier if any central government employee demises, Compensation would be paid to eligible pensioners under CCS Rules As per the modified norms, it will be paid to nominees from now-on-wards. If the employeeContinue reading “Central Government Modifies Ex-Gratia Norms in Case Of Demise During the Employment Period”