ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates

Indians prefers to do Fixed Deposits(FD)as they are the safest and the most liquid instrument(can be encashed at any time). Though banks levy penalty for premature cancellations, still Indians considers FD’s as an safer investment vehicle. Eventhough FD Interest Rates are declining in the recent times, there are people who tend to do FD’s evenContinue reading “ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates”

Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates

In India Fixed Deposits(FD’s)are popular saving instrument. Guaranteed returns and easy encashment at any point of time makes bank customers stick to fixed deposits even now! Even though fixed deposits interest rates are declining in the recent times, some customers still prefers FD’s due to its safety nature. For those who are preferring FD’s, here’sContinue reading “Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates”

Latest Bank FD Rates

Fixed Deposits are considered to be the safest and liquid asset class in India even today.This is because the returns are guaranteed and they can be withdrawn on any business day. Though there will be some penalty on premature closure, retirees and savy investors prefers Fixed deposits to any other saving instrument. This is dueContinue reading “Latest Bank FD Rates”