FD Interest Rates Of All Popular Banks

There is no strange on all Indians knowing the saving instrument Fixed Deposit(FD). Due to its secure and predictable maturity value many Indians are preferring to do FD’s even today. Inspite of falling interest rates in the recent times, due to its safety nature many savers(not investors)are doing FD’s. Whatever the savers intention may beContinue reading “FD Interest Rates Of All Popular Banks”

How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?

We all save money for our future needs, but saving alone won’t suffice in these highly inflationary days. Though you may accept or not your earning capacity is limited where the inflation rate is around 8-9% per annum in India. It is fact that we can’t control inflation, but it is in our hands toContinue reading “How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?”