Managing Money is More Important Than Earning Money

There is a misconception that to be wealthy we should earn more! But in reality, managing money is more important than earning money! Looks strange! Read the full story Our Education system teaches us how to grab job opportunities and settle in life. But our Formal Education(what we learn from books)don’t teach how to manageContinue reading “Managing Money is More Important Than Earning Money”

If You Are A Young Earner? Develop These Financial Habits

Getting first salary gives financial freedom to young earners, isn’t it? If you are thinking you are financially free after receiving your first pay check, Stop! Wait a moment! You just entered the 1st step of financial freedom, don’t just enjoy the “Live in the Moment”, instead think of your financial future ahead! A youngContinue reading “If You Are A Young Earner? Develop These Financial Habits”

Investing Tips For Beginners

Investing is a long journey. One should sail through the crests and downs of the investment process! To benefit from the “Power of Compounding” one should start investing early! Beginning your investment journey once you received your first pay-check is the success mantra for wealth creation! Whatever the amount may be, starting investments should beContinue reading “Investing Tips For Beginners”