Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages

Every individual who are livving on this earth needs “Money”. Whatever the currency may be the world is revolving around “Money”. Infact Popular sociologist Karl Marx Recalls- “Human Relations are all Financial Relations”. That’s the “Power of Money” To survive in this world, everyone needs “Money”. So we shouldn’t ignore such relevant instrument. For thatContinue reading “Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages”

Plan Your Finances Like This Before You Reach 30 Years of Age

Everybody’s life style is unique, but the common point that every individual faces when he reaches 30 years of age is “Financial Responsibilities”- whether it would be purchasing a new house, education costs of their newly born child, looking after the well-being of their parents etc. Though it is accepted or not, it is factContinue reading “Plan Your Finances Like This Before You Reach 30 Years of Age”

What Financial Freedom Mean To You!

Everyone living on the earth needs money to survive. In this process some earns abundantly, while some struggles to survive; Do you know the reason? Lack of Financial Freedom Each Person has their own view on financial freedom; Some say to live within their means while some say not having debts. Whatever the opinion mayContinue reading “What Financial Freedom Mean To You!”

Good Financial Habits

Habits are to be learnt from our experiences! Especially in financial planning it is must and should to develop good financial habits! One should develop this financial habits in their initial stages of earning to lead a financially free and secured life. Making savings as an priority– In the initial earning life, youngsters spend onContinue reading “Good Financial Habits”

Be Goal-Oriented While Investing

Investing always be Goal-Oriented. There is a saying- ” A Goal without a plan is just a wish”. There is no meaning to investing with proper financial planning. The primary agenda to financial planning must be a “goal”. Without a goal one should not commit financial plan. Financial Planning includes achieving “SMART” Goals. What areContinue reading “Be Goal-Oriented While Investing”

To Be Financially Independent; Don’t Fall Prey To These Habits!

Everyone wants to be financially independent! But due to rising prices and poor financial habits, it is not possible for everyone to be financially free! But the real fact is that it is in our hands to be financially independent. By understanding the pros and cons of the below financial habits, you can achieve financialContinue reading “To Be Financially Independent; Don’t Fall Prey To These Habits!”

5 Financial Lessons To Be Learnt From MS Dhoni

It is no wonder that all cricket-lovers around the world loves Dhoni, Indian Former Captain Cum Wicket Keeper. His attitude made every Indian cricket lover to be proud for his achievements, When we closely observe him, we can learn 5 Financial Habits that make you too be a winner in your life like Dhoni’s cricketContinue reading “5 Financial Lessons To Be Learnt From MS Dhoni”

If You Didn’t Plan For Your Financial Future; Start Planning From This Moment itself!

Everyone searches for reasons for not investing! Some say that they would start investing from the new calendar year; some say if their salary hikes they would start investing etc. Most of these “Promises” are ignored even their economic status improves! This Promises of starting investing during the next year, next birthday would be definitelyContinue reading “If You Didn’t Plan For Your Financial Future; Start Planning From This Moment itself!”

Wanted To Be Millionaire in The Near Future?Follow These Simple Steps

Some people are anxious to be millionaires, but unable to reach that goal! This is due to lack of self-determination and confidence on themselves. But to be millionaire, one must develop some good habits as a part of their routine life. Then only, they can achieve that goal! One must not be greedy to earnContinue reading “Wanted To Be Millionaire in The Near Future?Follow These Simple Steps”

Skills Required For Financial Planning

We as an Indians are natural savers!. Our older generation tend to “Diversify” their savings by saving some money in shelves, some in cup-boars, some in pouches etc. But as the generation changes, we are using digital payments today instead of cash. Though it is a welcome-note, getting attracted by the Cash backs and offersContinue reading “Skills Required For Financial Planning”