Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages

Every individual who are livving on this earth needs “Money”. Whatever the currency may be the world is revolving around “Money”. Infact Popular sociologist Karl Marx Recalls- “Human Relations are all Financial Relations”. That’s the “Power of Money” To survive in this world, everyone needs “Money”. So we shouldn’t ignore such relevant instrument. For thatContinue reading “Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages”

What Financial Freedom Mean To You!

Everyone living on the earth needs money to survive. In this process some earns abundantly, while some struggles to survive; Do you know the reason? Lack of Financial Freedom Each Person has their own view on financial freedom; Some say to live within their means while some say not having debts. Whatever the opinion mayContinue reading “What Financial Freedom Mean To You!”

Money Mistakes To Be Avoided For A Better Financial Future

Everyone wants to be financially independent! But it is possible only for some ones, Do you know the resason why? Financially successful people inculcates savings and investments habits from their initial years! Their self-discipline towards savings make them financially free from worries and economic problems. If you want to be one of the successful investorsContinue reading “Money Mistakes To Be Avoided For A Better Financial Future”

Mistakes To Be Avoided in Your Early 20’s

Now-a-days everyone are getting jobs in their early 20’s and becoming financially independent. Till then, they depend on their parents for their day-to-day expenses, but when they get their first job they think themselves as “independent” and neglect the advice of their elders to save money from their first pay check. Many youngsters prefer toContinue reading “Mistakes To Be Avoided in Your Early 20’s”