Decide your investment objective- “consume or conserve” before investing

Even though all investors starts investing to create wealth, their investment objective might be different! While some want to “consume” the invested amount in future, some wants to pass-on their investments to their next generation. It is quiet natural tendency among investors Investing For a Goal( Consume Behavior)– Most of the investors belongs to thisContinue reading “Decide your investment objective- “consume or conserve” before investing”

As You Grow Older, Increase Your Investment Amount

Many of us like to spend money on New Year Parties, Birthday Celebrations etc. Though it is not a bad one, what we all are ignoring is “Inflation”. As years passby inflation increases and it still continues even after your income stops(During Retirement) What we have to remember is – As we are welcoming newContinue reading “As You Grow Older, Increase Your Investment Amount”

Smart Shopping Ideas

We all do shopping in our day-to-day life. Due to surge in internet usage, shopping trend has been changed completely to online! It is no surprise that even a teenager doing online shopping today. But when we closely observe shopping habits of the people it is fact that Indians are “Over-spending” beyond their means. ThisContinue reading “Smart Shopping Ideas”