Funny Queries That Will Destroy Your Wealth

Today we are living in digital world. There are a lot of discussions going on digital platforms, social media daily regarding investments. Discussing financial information is o.k, but what about your individual risk-appetite? and your investment objective? Do note that no two ideal investor’s mindset is same, it may vary according to their life stages,Continue reading “Funny Queries That Will Destroy Your Wealth”

If your goal is hundred miles away, don’t get destructed by the short-term volatility

Everyone have goals; mostly long-term goals. Even though they start their investment journey with long-term view they get panic in volatile times and get-out of that investment thereby missing a chance to reach that goal! Didn’t the investors knows that stock market investments are volatile?Yes, they do! But as per human tendency they get panicContinue reading “If your goal is hundred miles away, don’t get destructed by the short-term volatility”

Are You Prepared To F.I.R.E?

We all know that we should have burning desire to accomplish our goals! But what about F.I.R.E in reality? Some of us even don’t know the meaning of F.I.R.E! F.I.R.E stands for Financial Independence,Retire Early. We all know that in India retirement age would be 60. Even though you are financially free or not, youContinue reading “Are You Prepared To F.I.R.E?”

Are You Attracted By The “No Profit, No Brokerage” Ads?, Do Remind Of Your Goal Before Investing

As many retail investors are entering into the stock market post covid moment, many investors are looking for cheap stock broker companies. As retail investors don’t have such knowledge on brokerage companies, they are getting attracted to “No Profit, No Brokerage” advertisements displaying in the digital media. While investing in the stock market, the investorContinue reading “Are You Attracted By The “No Profit, No Brokerage” Ads?, Do Remind Of Your Goal Before Investing”

Keep This In Mind To Ensure Wealth Creation To Your Family

Wealth is not created overnight! It requires financial discipline and lots of patience! Then only, wealth is created! Wealth creation is done by following systematic approach to investing. You should fix a goal and have burning desire to achieve it. Then wealth creation has been done gradually! Invest according to your life stages– When youContinue reading “Keep This In Mind To Ensure Wealth Creation To Your Family”

Self assessment Questions to check your financial health!

We will go to doctor if you feel ill, isn’t it? Doctor will check your condition and suggests some medical tests and after analysing the reports, he will suggest you an advice! This process is to be done to check physical health. But have you ever think of your financial health? It is a mustContinue reading “Self assessment Questions to check your financial health!”

Be Goal-Oriented While Investing

Investing always be Goal-Oriented. There is a saying- ” A Goal without a plan is just a wish”. There is no meaning to investing with proper financial planning. The primary agenda to financial planning must be a “goal”. Without a goal one should not commit financial plan. Financial Planning includes achieving “SMART” Goals. What areContinue reading “Be Goal-Oriented While Investing”

Choose “Right SIP Amount” To Fulfill Your Dreams

Now SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is a very popular investment term. Everyone are familiar with its pros and cons. But how many of them are doing right sip amounts to fulfill their life goals? Hardly we can count on fingers the investors who are doing right sip amounts; Do you know the reason why? Why toContinue reading “Choose “Right SIP Amount” To Fulfill Your Dreams”

Normal Sip vs Step-Up Sip; Which Gives Better Returns?

Today all are aware of Systematic Investment Plans(Sip). As it is a convenient way to invest small amounts periodically mutual fund sip’s have gained popularity. But very few people are aware of Step-up sip; an additional feature to normal sip. What is Step-Up Sip? In Normal sip, the investor invests “Same amount” throughout the tenureContinue reading “Normal Sip vs Step-Up Sip; Which Gives Better Returns?”