Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!

Indians being natural savers they generally “save” a part of their monthly income whatever they are earning, but it is sufficient now and in future? What people are forgetting is the wealth destroyer- “Inflation”, without assuming future inflation our current investments won’t suffice to meet your long-term goals. Earlier people save their hard-earned money inContinue reading “Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!”

Investors Mindset Across Various Asset Classes

Even though the ultimate goal of investing is to earn “profit” investors reaction to various asset classes are unique. This is due to psychological behaviour of the investor’s mindset. In investing “Risk Taking Capacity” plays a distinct role. Broadly investors are classified as- Conservative Investors (who can’t take risk) Moderate Investors(Can bear risk to someContinue reading “Investors Mindset Across Various Asset Classes”

Big Shock To Retail Consumers! All Essentials Rates Have Been Hiking Gradually! So What To Do Now?

Already Indians are facing high “inflation” due to various socio and economic reasons. Traders end-up price hike of FMCG Products and daily essentials showing the cause of “covid” where Indians have to bear the heat of price hike in every essentials. After the covid cause, traders are looking out for another cause showing “Russia-Ukraine WarContinue reading “Big Shock To Retail Consumers! All Essentials Rates Have Been Hiking Gradually! So What To Do Now?”

Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is not as simple as watching a T.V, infact we fight for watching T.V Channels between our housemates. While we have lot of T.V channels, some of us like sports channel, some likes serials, some likes news while some prefer reality shows. All the modes are available in T.V itself just we haveContinue reading “Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation”

PhonePe Bags Huge Gold Purchase Orders

Indian people are slowly adopting to the digital payments. Demonetization laid foundation for digital payments where corona prompts UPI Payments as a part of our life. From Tea Stall to chat bandar, all the payments are being done through UPI Payments. To encourage digital payments, UPI providers are also offering attractive rewards and cash backs.Continue reading “PhonePe Bags Huge Gold Purchase Orders”

Best Ways to invest in Gold

As Gold is treated as save haven by Indians, Purchasing Gold occasionally is common thing we notice in India. Though Gold is purchased “Traditionally”(in the form of the ornaments, gold bars)in olden days, due to resurgence of technology various “Investment Options” were introduced to invest in gold Various Ways to invest in Gold- 1.Traditional Gold–Continue reading “Best Ways to invest in Gold”