If You Have Started Investing From Your First Salary, Sooner You Will be a Crorepati

The whole concept of “Savings” has been changed due to generation change. While older generation wishes to “Save First and Spend the Rest” now the current generation is following “Spend Lavishly(with credit Cards and EMI’s)by enjoying the current moment”. While older generation lives comfortably with their “Savings” the present generation is looking towards EMI(Easy MonthlyContinue reading “If You Have Started Investing From Your First Salary, Sooner You Will be a Crorepati”

Are You Saving in The Right Way?

Life is unpredictable, who knows what will happen in the next minute? Even though you can’t control inflation in our country, the one thing you can do is -“Savings”. It is in our hands to make savings to survive in this highly inflationary country. Even though our “savings” won’t suffice to meet long-term goals, DevelopingContinue reading “Are You Saving in The Right Way?”

Need Of Saving Money From Your Early 20’s

If you are in early 20’s and landed in your first job? Feeling excited to receive your first pay cheque? Planning to enjoy with your 1st salary? Hold on! Read the eye-opening habits to be developed in your early 20’s to lead a peaceful and secured life in future! Though you might be financially freeContinue reading “Need Of Saving Money From Your Early 20’s”

Managing Money is More Important Than Earning Money

There is a misconception that to be wealthy we should earn more! But in reality, managing money is more important than earning money! Looks strange! Read the full story Our Education system teaches us how to grab job opportunities and settle in life. But our Formal Education(what we learn from books)don’t teach how to manageContinue reading “Managing Money is More Important Than Earning Money”

If You Are A Young Earner? Develop These Financial Habits

Getting first salary gives financial freedom to young earners, isn’t it? If you are thinking you are financially free after receiving your first pay check, Stop! Wait a moment! You just entered the 1st step of financial freedom, don’t just enjoy the “Live in the Moment”, instead think of your financial future ahead! A youngContinue reading “If You Are A Young Earner? Develop These Financial Habits”