Expectations vs Reality

We all invest with an “expectation” of creating wealth; no doubt at it! But investors mindset is filled with “Greed” to multiply their wealth in a short time. Is it possible? Have you ever think how “Wealth” is created? Though it is hard to digest, Wealth is created through “Consumerism”. By consuming goods and servicesContinue reading “Expectations vs Reality”

Why Do People Loose Money in Stock Market?

We all know that stock market is an long-term investment tool. It rewards investors who stayed put for long-term! Past history has proved this already! Even though it is proven that stock market rewards investors in the long term, many investors(some traders too)loose their hard-earned money and blame stock market is “Gambling”. But the realityContinue reading “Why Do People Loose Money in Stock Market?”

Don’t Blame Markets For Your Actions

Even though Retail investors are entering into stock markets due to surge in work from home culture, even today there is a strong belief among many that- Stock Markets are Gambling Investors always loose money in stock market Stock Markets are only for big shots(Rich People) We Need to book Profits Periodically otherwise your ProfitsContinue reading “Don’t Blame Markets For Your Actions”

What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market

Stock Market is a tactical game. If you select good share/stock in a bear market(downfall)you would end up huge profits in the bull market(upwards in share prices). But human psychology is filled with “emotions of Greed and Fear”. According to human psychology, investors invests more if the market is in bull run, at the sameContinue reading “What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market”

Avoid These 3 Biases While Investing in Stock Market

Of the wealth creating assets, Stock Market has its own significance! Some say that it is a “Wealth Creator” in the long term while some say it is “Gambling” What’s we have to understand is it’s our behavior whether to earn profits or to make loss in the stock market! Confused? Read the rest story.Continue reading “Avoid These 3 Biases While Investing in Stock Market”