The Path To Financial Freedom

Still today many people are struggling to lead a financially secure life due to their spending habits, while some people are living comfortably without any worries; do you know the reason why?- Lack of Financial Freedom What does Financial Freedom Mean? Financial Freedom is a situation where an individual can’t suffer financially in case ofContinue reading “The Path To Financial Freedom”

How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?

We all save money for our future needs, but saving alone won’t suffice in these highly inflationary days. Though you may accept or not your earning capacity is limited where the inflation rate is around 8-9% per annum in India. It is fact that we can’t control inflation, but it is in our hands toContinue reading “How To Make Your Investments Inflation-Proof?”

Worrying On The Fluctuations Of The Equity Markets?Trust The Economy

Many investors enter the market with greed of earning huge money! But due to fluctuations in the equity market, they end-up as loosers. If you are daily watching stock prices, hold on, stop searching daily! If you searched daily you are messed with volatility of the market. Infact read the stock fundamentals , firms balanceContinue reading “Worrying On The Fluctuations Of The Equity Markets?Trust The Economy”

Feeling Happy On The Recent Market Rally?Be Prepared For The Down-Turn Too!

Recent market rally in the stock market makes investors trapped that stock market always rewards investors. So many people started trading without knowing the basics imaging that the stock market will be like this forever! But the fact is that Stock Market is volatile in nature and you can expect negative returns for years too!Continue reading “Feeling Happy On The Recent Market Rally?Be Prepared For The Down-Turn Too!”