How To Avail Tax Exemption On Home Loan

Everyone dream to have a own house! It’s natural! But it is not possible for everyone to own a house with their minimal salaries! Even their salaries permits, they tend to spend on unnecessary things neglecting the dream further! To avoid this, every salaried individual(subject to the income levels) can plan for home loan. ByContinue reading “How To Avail Tax Exemption On Home Loan”

Know The Difference Between RD and RD Plus

As Indians typically set aside some portion of their earnings for their future needs, Recurring Deposits(RD)have become a popular option from olden days. Particularly housewives save some money monthly by putting their savings in Gullak/Piggy Bank. Though putting savings in a Piggy Bank is appreciable, it won’t fetch any “Interest” to your savings. For thoseContinue reading “Know The Difference Between RD and RD Plus”