If You Develop These 5 Good Financial Habits; Nothing Could Stop You From Being Rich !

Everyone wants to be rich, but due to financial commitments and rising inflation it would not be possible for all. While some people goes into depression that they will never become rich by this high inflation in India! Yes there is high inflation in India, no doubt about that! But have you ever think whyContinue reading “If You Develop These 5 Good Financial Habits; Nothing Could Stop You From Being Rich !”

Need Of Saving Money From Your Early 20’s

If you are in early 20’s and landed in your first job? Feeling excited to receive your first pay cheque? Planning to enjoy with your 1st salary? Hold on! Read the eye-opening habits to be developed in your early 20’s to lead a peaceful and secured life in future! Though you might be financially freeContinue reading “Need Of Saving Money From Your Early 20’s”

Things To Remember While Investing

Investing is a long process! One should enjoy the investing journey. But many investors do enter and exit their investments without proper reasons! If they stayed invested for long-term and treat “Volatility” as their friend, they would surely become rich in future. Common investing principles every investor should kept in mind are- Insurance Before Investing–Continue reading “Things To Remember While Investing”

If You Follow These Simple Steps; You will Definitely Become Rich

Have you ever think why some people are only getting rich? Because they follow some basic financial strategies and as a result they are becoming rich! Do you want to know the secret to become rich; simply follow these basic principles- Invests the surplus money beyond your contingencies in high capital appreciation assets– Some peopleContinue reading “If You Follow These Simple Steps; You will Definitely Become Rich”

5 Misconceptions on Sips

As the number of sip folios(accounts)are increasing day-by-day, there are several misconceptions in the minds of the investors still today! As AMFI’s(Association of Mutual Funds of India) campaign “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” prompts investors to do sip’s higher rather than lumpsum investments, sips have gained popularity. Even though this is somewhat true, mutual fund investorsContinue reading “5 Misconceptions on Sips”

Assess Your Risk Profile Before Investing

Every individuals income levels are unique and their risk-taking ability is not same. As every individual has different incomes, their expenses vary from each another. Inspiring from successful investors is good, but we can’t rely on their investment strategy. This is because Legendary investors have higher risk-taking capability where the retail investors can’t take suchContinue reading “Assess Your Risk Profile Before Investing”

Best Ways to invest in Gold

As Gold is treated as save haven by Indians, Purchasing Gold occasionally is common thing we notice in India. Though Gold is purchased “Traditionally”(in the form of the ornaments, gold bars)in olden days, due to resurgence of technology various “Investment Options” were introduced to invest in gold Various Ways to invest in Gold- 1.Traditional Gold–Continue reading “Best Ways to invest in Gold”