Decide your investment objective- “consume or conserve” before investing

Even though all investors starts investing to create wealth, their investment objective might be different! While some want to “consume” the invested amount in future, some wants to pass-on their investments to their next generation. It is quiet natural tendency among investors Investing For a Goal( Consume Behavior)– Most of the investors belongs to thisContinue reading “Decide your investment objective- “consume or conserve” before investing”

Investors Mindset Across Various Asset Classes

Even though the ultimate goal of investing is to earn “profit” investors reaction to various asset classes are unique. This is due to psychological behaviour of the investor’s mindset. In investing “Risk Taking Capacity” plays a distinct role. Broadly investors are classified as- Conservative Investors (who can’t take risk) Moderate Investors(Can bear risk to someContinue reading “Investors Mindset Across Various Asset Classes”

What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market

Stock Market is a tactical game. If you select good share/stock in a bear market(downfall)you would end up huge profits in the bull market(upwards in share prices). But human psychology is filled with “emotions of Greed and Fear”. According to human psychology, investors invests more if the market is in bull run, at the sameContinue reading “What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market”