PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions

We all are aware that PPF(Public Provident Fund)is a long-term savings tool. It is a government backed social security scheme so there is no risk associated with the capital and the interest accrued! As we all know that PPF is locked for 15 full financial years. But we can withdraw/ take loan from the existingContinue reading “PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions”

Do You Need To Pay Tax on Sale Of Legally Acquired Shares?

Some people tend to stay invested for the long-term and hold some shares for years. But if the share holder expires due to any unforeseen event, then the shares would be transferred to the legal heirs. Do you ever think that transmission of shares legally from your father, grand father attracts any tax? The IndianContinue reading “Do You Need To Pay Tax on Sale Of Legally Acquired Shares?”