Is it wise to invest in equities when you have huge debts?

Some investors are too greedy on equity investment returns! Though equities outperforms inflation, it is not a good bet to take risk fully on equities! That too if you have huge debt burden never take risk to invest your entire corpus in equities! To now the reason why, read the full story! Why investing inContinue reading “Is it wise to invest in equities when you have huge debts?”

Are You Really Prepared For The Market Correction?

When the stock market was in bull run, everyone assumes valuations are at peak levels and awaits for the market correction! But when actually the market corrects, every investor tumbles to invest further! This is due to the emotional nature of the investors! But as per the stock market past history- “Real Wealth can beContinue reading “Are You Really Prepared For The Market Correction?”

Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is not as simple as watching a T.V, infact we fight for watching T.V Channels between our housemates. While we have lot of T.V channels, some of us like sports channel, some likes serials, some likes news while some prefer reality shows. All the modes are available in T.V itself just we haveContinue reading “Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation”

Why Some Investors are Only Successful in Stock Market

Due to surge in the technology, many investors/traders are opening fresh demat a/c’s and testing their luck! Although it is a welcome-note, not all investors are getting success in the stock market. Do you know the reason why? New investors are entering the market without analysing their risk profile and without understanding the basics ofContinue reading “Why Some Investors are Only Successful in Stock Market”

Being Long-Term is Not Possible For Every One!

We all hear that stock market rewards those who stayed for the long-term! But how many investors stay put for 25-30 years? The Theory says that if we invested some “X” amount 25 Years back, it would have grown to “XX” Crores of rupees today, but if we closely observe how many investors earn croresContinue reading “Being Long-Term is Not Possible For Every One!”

Following Legendary Investor’s Strategy is Ok; But Don’t Follow Them Blindly

We may seen some of the investors who follows Warren Buffet’s, Rakesh JhunJhunwala portfolios and invest accordingly! But this strategy won’t work always! Warren Buffet’s investment portfolio is huge and he can bear the loss in case of any uncertainty arises in the market, But retail investors can’t take such risks as warren buffet does.Continue reading “Following Legendary Investor’s Strategy is Ok; But Don’t Follow Them Blindly”