Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Review

In the recent times, ELSS(Equity Linked Savings Schemes) are becoming popular due to various marketing campaigns by AMC’s(Asset Management Companies)and AMFI’s “Mutual Fund sahi hai” campaign. We are going to discuss about Canara Robeco, the 2nd oldest AMC’s ELSS Scheme- “Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver”; a tax saving instrument with lock-in of 3 years CanaraContinue reading “Canara Robeco Equity Tax Saver Review”

HDFC Children’s Gift Fund Review

It is one of the oldest mutual fund schemes specially designed for investment in the name of minors. Previously, Guardian/Parent can invest on the name of the child, but due to SEBI Mandate, The investment amount should be transferred from the child’s bank account. This scheme has lock-in of 5 Years from the date ofContinue reading “HDFC Children’s Gift Fund Review”

PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions

We all are aware that PPF(Public Provident Fund)is a long-term savings tool. It is a government backed social security scheme so there is no risk associated with the capital and the interest accrued! As we all know that PPF is locked for 15 full financial years. But we can withdraw/ take loan from the existingContinue reading “PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions”

Follow These Simple Steps To Earn Huge Corpus From PPF

We all know that PPF(Public Provident Fund)is a long term savings tool. Central Government revises its interest rates every quarter(3 Months)currently, the interest rate applicable for July-September quarter is 7.1%. It may increase or decrease in the future! If you have a strong ambition to do retirement planning through PPF, follow these simple steps toContinue reading “Follow These Simple Steps To Earn Huge Corpus From PPF”

Know The Terms and Conditions on PPF Withdrawal Before Maturity!

We all know that Public Provident Fund(PPF)is a long-term investment tool. The amount invested in PPF comes under “EEE” (Exemption on investment amount under section 80(c)-Exemption on interest accrued-Exemption on maturity amount). Generally savers ignore PPF as they can’t hold the investments for such a long period of 15 years. But they don’t know thatContinue reading “Know The Terms and Conditions on PPF Withdrawal Before Maturity!”