2 Important things to avoid while investing in mutual funds

Many of us heard that investors stayed invested for 15-20 years created huge wealth to their family.Thanks to the “Power of Compounding”! It works best in volatile times that too in long-term we can see it’s “magic”. But even there are evidences that mutual fund sips(Systematic Investment Plans) created huge wealth in the long-term, ifContinue reading “2 Important things to avoid while investing in mutual funds”

Are You Prepared To F.I.R.E?

We all know that we should have burning desire to accomplish our goals! But what about F.I.R.E in reality? Some of us even don’t know the meaning of F.I.R.E! F.I.R.E stands for Financial Independence,Retire Early. We all know that in India retirement age would be 60. Even though you are financially free or not, youContinue reading “Are You Prepared To F.I.R.E?”

Don’t Procrastinate, Start Investing Early

Today’s Youth are getting lakhs of money in their early stages of their career, isn’t it? But when we closely observe their lifestyle, they like to be in “consumption mode” rather than “savings mode”. EvenThough their elders warns them to save and invest their money for future, most of them fall on deaf ears! ThisContinue reading “Don’t Procrastinate, Start Investing Early”

Let Power Of Compounding Works in Favour Of You

The one thing that most of the investors neglects is “Giving time to their investments”. If you start investing early and hold-on the investments for long term, you will be benefitted with “Power of Compounding” What is Power of Compounding?– Compounding means adding interest to the principle and re-invests the accumlated corpus till the endContinue reading “Let Power Of Compounding Works in Favour Of You”

Feeling Surprised On The Figures in The Retirement Calculator; You Can Achieve Them If You Starts Investing Early!

Some people search on retirement calculators to get an estimate of the retirement corpus they needed during retirement. But most of them get astonished on the figures in the retirement calculator and conclude that they can’t achieve that goal! But the fact is- “They Can achieve that goal by investing from an early age! ThoughContinue reading “Feeling Surprised On The Figures in The Retirement Calculator; You Can Achieve Them If You Starts Investing Early!”

Don’t Procrastinate! Instead Start Investing Early

Some people tend to procrastinate their investments thinking that they can invest whenever there is a salary hike.But this would not be happen at all-times! This is due to living at the moment attitude enjoying the current moments with friends, purchasing latest gadgets etc. In reality, whenever there is salary hike,lifestyle expenses also grew toContinue reading “Don’t Procrastinate! Instead Start Investing Early”