Mirae Asset has launched a new age trading platform mstock with zero brokerage fee*

Mirae Asset is a well known brand to investors in India. Almost all of the schemes outperforms its benchmark and thus gained investors trust as a “Best Mutual Fund Company”. Though Mirae asset originated from South Korea, within a short span of its launch in India(2007) it gained investors trust as a best performing fundContinue reading “Mirae Asset has launched a new age trading platform mstock with zero brokerage fee*”

Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Review

For those who can’t take high risks by allocating all their capital to “Equity”, can consider “Hybrid Equity Funds” as they stabilises both equity and debt component proportionately. Generally Hybrid Funds carries 65% Equity and 35% Debt which manages risk to certain extent. There are few “Aggressive Hybrid Funds” in the market while we areContinue reading “Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Review”

Mirae Asset Focused Fund Review

Mirae Asset is a south-korean based investment manager company. It was founded in 1997 by Park Hyeon-Joo and within a few years of its launch, it has gained investors trust. Mirae has entered Indian mutual fund industry in 2007-2008 and created wealth to Indian investors through their funds. Of them, we are discussing about Mirae AssetContinue reading “Mirae Asset Focused Fund Review”