ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates

Indians prefers to do Fixed Deposits(FD)as they are the safest and the most liquid instrument(can be encashed at any time). Though banks levy penalty for premature cancellations, still Indians considers FD’s as an safer investment vehicle. Eventhough FD Interest Rates are declining in the recent times, there are people who tend to do FD’s evenContinue reading “ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates”

Axis Bank ASAP Digital Savings a/c Features

Axis Bank is one of the leading private bank which offers varied savings features. Of them ASAP Savings a/c is one of them! ASAP Savings a/c is fully digital a/c which can be opened from the comfort of your home through video KYC. By accessing online and verification of video KYC, you can open anyContinue reading “Axis Bank ASAP Digital Savings a/c Features”