2 Important things to avoid while investing in mutual funds

Many of us heard that investors stayed invested for 15-20 years created huge wealth to their family.Thanks to the “Power of Compounding”! It works best in volatile times that too in long-term we can see it’s “magic”. But even there are evidences that mutual fund sips(Systematic Investment Plans) created huge wealth in the long-term, ifContinue reading “2 Important things to avoid while investing in mutual funds”

Don’t Do Sip’s Until You Realise This!

There is lot of noise in the media that SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is one-stop solution to all of your financial needs! Yes SIP is a wonderful tool to achieve your goals, No Doubt about it! But are you fully dependent on SIP’s for your life goals? Read the full story! Don’t rely fully on Sip’s–Continue reading “Don’t Do Sip’s Until You Realise This!”