Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!

Indians being natural savers they generally “save” a part of their monthly income whatever they are earning, but it is sufficient now and in future? What people are forgetting is the wealth destroyer- “Inflation”, without assuming future inflation our current investments won’t suffice to meet your long-term goals. Earlier people save their hard-earned money inContinue reading “Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!”

Geo Political Tensions are Temporary; Wealth Creation is Permanent

We all know that stock market is a rewarding tool if you take risk, One should invest in stock market as per their risk-appetite. Those who can’t bear risk can choose “Mutual Funds”- a safer bet when compared to the stock market. The reason why mutual funds are relatively safer than stock market is- “YouContinue reading “Geo Political Tensions are Temporary; Wealth Creation is Permanent”

Best Time To Start Investing

Some investors wait for the “Right Time To Invest” but actually when the markets corrects, they panic and redeem their existing investments too in a caution mode. It is the natural tendency of the investors. Some investors earns money irrespective of the market conditions. Remaining investors claim that they are “Lucky” to earn so. ButContinue reading “Best Time To Start Investing”

Planning To Achieve 1 Crore Corpus Through Mutual Funds, Plan This way!

Today Everbody are aware of Mutual Funds! Thanks to AMFI- “Mutual Funds Sahi Hai Campaign”and various investors awareness programmes conducted by various fund houses Today all are aware that mutual funds especially equity mutual funds works best in the long-run. But due to hasty decisions taken by investors, they withdraw their corpus in the interim.Continue reading “Planning To Achieve 1 Crore Corpus Through Mutual Funds, Plan This way!”

How To Avail All Your Mutual Fund Transactions in One Place?

We may have investments in different fund houses where it is cumbersome to get all the transactions at one place! Some investors use mycams mobile app for cams serviced funds and Kfintech app for karvy serviced funds as Kfintech and CAMS are leading Registrar and Transfer Agents in India Even though NSDL sends Consolidated accountContinue reading “How To Avail All Your Mutual Fund Transactions in One Place?”

5 Misconceptions on Sips

As the number of sip folios(accounts)are increasing day-by-day, there are several misconceptions in the minds of the investors still today! As AMFI’s(Association of Mutual Funds of India) campaign “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” prompts investors to do sip’s higher rather than lumpsum investments, sips have gained popularity. Even though this is somewhat true, mutual fund investorsContinue reading “5 Misconceptions on Sips”

Mutual Funds AUM Has Hit Fresh Record Highs in August 2021

Mutual Fund industry has seen rapid growth in the recent years. Due to the investor awareness campaigns by AMFI(Association of Mutual Funds of India)and media houses, it’s AUM(Assets Under Management)has hit fresh record highs in August 2021. As markets are at all time highs and prevailing sentiment of market fall due to peak valuations, investorsContinue reading “Mutual Funds AUM Has Hit Fresh Record Highs in August 2021”

Mutual Funds Taxation

Mutual Funds are recommended investment tool to earn huge corpus in the long-run. Like every capital asset involves tax, Mutual Funds too attracts capital gains tax. Capital Gain Meaning– The appreciation you derived in between the purchase price and selling price is capital gain of that asset. Meaning of Debt Funds– Debt funds are oneContinue reading “Mutual Funds Taxation”

Why You Can’t Redeem Your ELSS SIP Proceeds After Lock-In of 3 Years?

Systematic Investment Plan(sip) is a preferred mode of investing in mutual funds. To combat Volatility, Financial Planners suggest to do sip’s in equity funds and this would be applied to elss(equity linked saving schemes)too. While ELSS investments are locked-in for 3 years, do you know that whole elss sip corpus can’t be redeemed after 3Continue reading “Why You Can’t Redeem Your ELSS SIP Proceeds After Lock-In of 3 Years?”

Best Ways to invest in Gold

As Gold is treated as save haven by Indians, Purchasing Gold occasionally is common thing we notice in India. Though Gold is purchased “Traditionally”(in the form of the ornaments, gold bars)in olden days, due to resurgence of technology various “Investment Options” were introduced to invest in gold Various Ways to invest in Gold- 1.Traditional Gold–Continue reading “Best Ways to invest in Gold”