Expectations vs Reality

We all invest with an “expectation” of creating wealth; no doubt at it! But investors mindset is filled with “Greed” to multiply their wealth in a short time. Is it possible? Have you ever think how “Wealth” is created? Though it is hard to digest, Wealth is created through “Consumerism”. By consuming goods and servicesContinue reading “Expectations vs Reality”

Simple Strategy To Beat Mutual Fund SIP Returns

The term SIP(Systematic Investment Plan)has became popular due to the investor awareness campaigns conducted by AMFI(Association of Mutual Funds of India)and AMC’s(Asset Management Companies- Nothing but Mutual Fund Company). Though this term SIP is relevant in volatile conditions, there’s a simple strategy to beat normal sip returns! For that you should have- Time to watchContinue reading “Simple Strategy To Beat Mutual Fund SIP Returns”

Unable To Bear Higher Insurance Premiums? Don’t Worry! PhonePe Offers Health Insurance at Just 999Rupees Per Year

Till Covid, Indians neglects health insurance assuming that there is no such need for them today! But whenever Covid affects humankind, People realise the need of health insurance as a protection shield to their finances. But even today, some people refuses to take health insurance as they can’t bear such higher premiums. Even though itContinue reading “Unable To Bear Higher Insurance Premiums? Don’t Worry! PhonePe Offers Health Insurance at Just 999Rupees Per Year”

PhonePe Bags Huge Gold Purchase Orders

Indian people are slowly adopting to the digital payments. Demonetization laid foundation for digital payments where corona prompts UPI Payments as a part of our life. From Tea Stall to chat bandar, all the payments are being done through UPI Payments. To encourage digital payments, UPI providers are also offering attractive rewards and cash backs.Continue reading “PhonePe Bags Huge Gold Purchase Orders”

Now You Can Make UPI Payments Directly to the Contacts

UPI Payments have seen rapid growth in the recent times. As Indians preferring “Digital Payments” over Physical Payments, UPI Payments are increasing day-by-day. To ease Funds Transfer and making the transactions more securely, NPCI(National Payment Corporation of India)launched this UPI(Unified Payments Interface). Bhim app, Google Pay, Phone Pay, Amazon Pay UPI provides UPI Payments. TillContinue reading “Now You Can Make UPI Payments Directly to the Contacts”