Protection First; Investments Next

When compared to developed countries(foreign countries) Indians pay less attention to insurance products, some treat it as an investment product(return giving product on maturity)while some don’t realise the importance of insurance in their day to day life. Even today almost 75-80% of Indians are not protected with life cover even after Covid-19 pandemic! Though itContinue reading “Protection First; Investments Next”

Good Financial Habits

Habits are to be learnt from our experiences! Especially in financial planning it is must and should to develop good financial habits! One should develop this financial habits in their initial stages of earning to lead a financially free and secured life. Making savings as an priority– In the initial earning life, youngsters spend onContinue reading “Good Financial Habits”

Axis Bank ASAP Digital Savings a/c Features

Axis Bank is one of the leading private bank which offers varied savings features. Of them ASAP Savings a/c is one of them! ASAP Savings a/c is fully digital a/c which can be opened from the comfort of your home through video KYC. By accessing online and verification of video KYC, you can open anyContinue reading “Axis Bank ASAP Digital Savings a/c Features”