Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!

Indians being natural savers they generally “save” a part of their monthly income whatever they are earning, but it is sufficient now and in future? What people are forgetting is the wealth destroyer- “Inflation”, without assuming future inflation our current investments won’t suffice to meet your long-term goals. Earlier people save their hard-earned money inContinue reading “Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!”

Be aware of the ‘thief’ that will steal your wealth silently

Many people focus on income earning but they are forgetting on the “silent killer- Inflation” in creating wealth to their loved ones. Generally parents wants to transform their wealth to their next generations, for that they “save money” but whatever they saved is nothing after 20-25 years! Surprised? Are you too surprised to hear thatContinue reading “Be aware of the ‘thief’ that will steal your wealth silently”

Big Shock To Retail Consumers! All Essentials Rates Have Been Hiking Gradually! So What To Do Now?

Already Indians are facing high “inflation” due to various socio and economic reasons. Traders end-up price hike of FMCG Products and daily essentials showing the cause of “covid” where Indians have to bear the heat of price hike in every essentials. After the covid cause, traders are looking out for another cause showing “Russia-Ukraine WarContinue reading “Big Shock To Retail Consumers! All Essentials Rates Have Been Hiking Gradually! So What To Do Now?”

Do Inflation-Proof Investments

You might be doing investments to achieve your goals, but have you consider the silent killer “Inflation” in mind?. Inflation eats the purchasing power of your money and so you can’t achieve your goals in future. Isn’t there any solution to these?-Yes there is! If you plan your investments inflation proof(Assuming future value)you can achieveContinue reading “Do Inflation-Proof Investments”

Good Financial Habits To Develop On

Like our childhood habits determines your lifestyle, your financial habits reflects your wealth in your later years. Good financial habits are to be developed from your initial earning years. To lead a good financial life, you should develop some good financial habits. To know more, read the full story- Once you started earning, set aContinue reading “Good Financial Habits To Develop On”

Want To Be a Crorepati in Future; Follow These Steps

Some people dream to be a crorepati in their financial career, but that remains as a “Dream Forever”! Do you know the reason why! It is due to lack of financial discipline and lack of commitment from their early stages. Actually they assume to be crorepati, but fails to implement it financially! How is itContinue reading “Want To Be a Crorepati in Future; Follow These Steps”

Investing Tips For Beginners

Investing is a long journey. One should sail through the crests and downs of the investment process! To benefit from the “Power of Compounding” one should start investing early! Beginning your investment journey once you received your first pay-check is the success mantra for wealth creation! Whatever the amount may be, starting investments should beContinue reading “Investing Tips For Beginners”