Quant Tax Plan Fund Review

When a thought comes to tax saving, ELSS(Equity Linked Savings Scheme)will be the first priority to many as it has high return potential along with lowest lock-in of 3 years. ELSS has the capability to deliver superior returns than any other tax saving instrument as they invest in equities(shares)with a little bit risk component inContinue reading “Quant Tax Plan Fund Review”

Karvy MF Business Has Been Acquired By “Prudent Corporate”

We all know that Karvy stockbroking business has undergone some Bad News of “Converting investors money into their own real estate business” which led the market regulator SEBI banned Karvy Stockbroking business. EvenThough Karvy is banned from doing stock broking, it is free to carry-out mutual fund business till now. It is continuing as aContinue reading “Karvy MF Business Has Been Acquired By “Prudent Corporate””