Be aware of the ‘thief’ that will steal your wealth silently

Many people focus on income earning but they are forgetting on the “silent killer- Inflation” in creating wealth to their loved ones. Generally parents wants to transform their wealth to their next generations, for that they “save money” but whatever they saved is nothing after 20-25 years! Surprised? Are you too surprised to hear thatContinue reading “Be aware of the ‘thief’ that will steal your wealth silently”

Big Shock To Retail Consumers! All Essentials Rates Have Been Hiking Gradually! So What To Do Now?

Already Indians are facing high “inflation” due to various socio and economic reasons. Traders end-up price hike of FMCG Products and daily essentials showing the cause of “covid” where Indians have to bear the heat of price hike in every essentials. After the covid cause, traders are looking out for another cause showing “Russia-Ukraine WarContinue reading “Big Shock To Retail Consumers! All Essentials Rates Have Been Hiking Gradually! So What To Do Now?”

Why Most Of The New Investors Not Creating Wealth Through Stock Market

Stock Market is a skilled game. Those who are able to control their emotions-Greed and Fear would surely gain wealth through stock markets/mutual funds. But when we closely observe the investors around us they would either burnt their fingers or lost their capital in the short-term! This is due to lack of emotional control andContinue reading “Why Most Of The New Investors Not Creating Wealth Through Stock Market”

Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation

Wealth creation is not as simple as watching a T.V, infact we fight for watching T.V Channels between our housemates. While we have lot of T.V channels, some of us like sports channel, some likes serials, some likes news while some prefer reality shows. All the modes are available in T.V itself just we haveContinue reading “Diversification is The Key To Wealth Creation”

SBI Contra Fund Review

For those who prefer contraian view(Opposite view of the market trend)SBI Contra Fund is a good bet. The fund manager follows contraian trend of “buying when the market is at low point” and “Selling when the market is at peak levels” So there is a risk associated with it, even though it may rewards mostContinue reading “SBI Contra Fund Review”

Before Investing, Analyse Your Investment Behaviour

In India, so many investors invests without a goal! They simply follow successful investors strategies, if it worked out, they invests more; if they fails, they blame that investment product! Both are common in this investing world. But before investing in any investment product, you should analyse your investment behavior. We recommend to check theseContinue reading “Before Investing, Analyse Your Investment Behaviour”

Good Financial Habits To Be Developed in Your Early 20’s

Are you in 20’s and waiting for 1st Pay Check? Though it is a natural tendency to enjoy the “Live in the Moment”concept it is the best time to plan for your golden years(Retirement)especially if you are in 20’s Many people realise the need of retirement in early 40-50’s, but they don’t recognise they areContinue reading “Good Financial Habits To Be Developed in Your Early 20’s”

Why Some Investors are Only Successful in Stock Market

Due to surge in the technology, many investors/traders are opening fresh demat a/c’s and testing their luck! Although it is a welcome-note, not all investors are getting success in the stock market. Do you know the reason why? New investors are entering the market without analysing their risk profile and without understanding the basics ofContinue reading “Why Some Investors are Only Successful in Stock Market”

Assess Your Risk Profile Before Investing

Every individuals income levels are unique and their risk-taking ability is not same. As every individual has different incomes, their expenses vary from each another. Inspiring from successful investors is good, but we can’t rely on their investment strategy. This is because Legendary investors have higher risk-taking capability where the retail investors can’t take suchContinue reading “Assess Your Risk Profile Before Investing”