Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!

Indians being natural savers they generally “save” a part of their monthly income whatever they are earning, but it is sufficient now and in future? What people are forgetting is the wealth destroyer- “Inflation”, without assuming future inflation our current investments won’t suffice to meet your long-term goals. Earlier people save their hard-earned money inContinue reading “Why we should not ignore inflation while making investments!”

Don’t Blame Markets For Your Actions

Even though Retail investors are entering into stock markets due to surge in work from home culture, even today there is a strong belief among many that- Stock Markets are Gambling Investors always loose money in stock market Stock Markets are only for big shots(Rich People) We Need to book Profits Periodically otherwise your ProfitsContinue reading “Don’t Blame Markets For Your Actions”

Do Inflation-Proof Investments

You might be doing investments to achieve your goals, but have you consider the silent killer “Inflation” in mind?. Inflation eats the purchasing power of your money and so you can’t achieve your goals in future. Isn’t there any solution to these?-Yes there is! If you plan your investments inflation proof(Assuming future value)you can achieveContinue reading “Do Inflation-Proof Investments”

SBI Contra Fund Review

For those who prefer contraian view(Opposite view of the market trend)SBI Contra Fund is a good bet. The fund manager follows contraian trend of “buying when the market is at low point” and “Selling when the market is at peak levels” So there is a risk associated with it, even though it may rewards mostContinue reading “SBI Contra Fund Review”

Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Review

For those who can’t take high risks by allocating all their capital to “Equity”, can consider “Hybrid Equity Funds” as they stabilises both equity and debt component proportionately. Generally Hybrid Funds carries 65% Equity and 35% Debt which manages risk to certain extent. There are few “Aggressive Hybrid Funds” in the market while we areContinue reading “Mirae Asset Hybrid Equity Fund Review”

Assess Your Risk Profile Before Investing

Every individuals income levels are unique and their risk-taking ability is not same. As every individual has different incomes, their expenses vary from each another. Inspiring from successful investors is good, but we can’t rely on their investment strategy. This is because Legendary investors have higher risk-taking capability where the retail investors can’t take suchContinue reading “Assess Your Risk Profile Before Investing”

Following Legendary Investor’s Strategy is Ok; But Don’t Follow Them Blindly

We may seen some of the investors who follows Warren Buffet’s, Rakesh JhunJhunwala portfolios and invest accordingly! But this strategy won’t work always! Warren Buffet’s investment portfolio is huge and he can bear the loss in case of any uncertainty arises in the market, But retail investors can’t take such risks as warren buffet does.Continue reading “Following Legendary Investor’s Strategy is Ok; But Don’t Follow Them Blindly”