HDFC Bank Special Interest Rates On Bulk Deposits

As banks are gradually increasing fixed deposit(F.D)interest rates, private banks are too on it’s way to increase F.D interest rates. Recently ICICI bank has hiked interest rates, now it’s turn of leading private sector bank HDFC Bank. HDFC Bank proposed to hike interest rates on “Special Term Deposits” which can’t be cancelled/prematurely withdrawn before theContinue reading “HDFC Bank Special Interest Rates On Bulk Deposits”

ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates

Indians prefers to do Fixed Deposits(FD)as they are the safest and the most liquid instrument(can be encashed at any time). Though banks levy penalty for premature cancellations, still Indians considers FD’s as an safer investment vehicle. Eventhough FD Interest Rates are declining in the recent times, there are people who tend to do FD’s evenContinue reading “ICICI Bank Latest FD Rates”

Nearing Your Goal? Moveon Your Investments To Safer Assets Gradually

Some investors invests with a “Goal” in mind, obviously it is the right method to do. But due to greed factor that their investments would increase further, they neglects to do proper asset allocation. Even though holding investments for long term would do “magic”to your investments, it is not the right way to wait forContinue reading “Nearing Your Goal? Moveon Your Investments To Safer Assets Gradually”

Are Your Investments Having Enough Liquidity?

Before making investment We should know the nature of the investment product and its liquidity.Not all products have enough liquidity(Allows you to withdraw in emergencies). So before making investment you should consider “Liquidity” risk. If that investment product fails to repay your corpus you will be deeply depressed and fall into financial crises. You shouldContinue reading “Are Your Investments Having Enough Liquidity?”

Link Your Investments To Your Life Goals

Some people starts investing on the advise of a friend/relative without committing that investment to their goals. Even starting investing is a welcome note, not linking them to their life goals is worrisome. Why Linking Investments To Goals is Important? Do you start journey without knowing where do you want to go?Obviously-No; Likewise while startingContinue reading “Link Your Investments To Your Life Goals”