SBI Customers Need To Enter OTP For Cash Withdrawals

To protect their customers from frauds and cards misuse, India’s largest bank SBI has made it mandatory to enter OTP for cashwithdrawals above 10,000 Rupees! For this, you have to carry your registered mobile number while doing ATM withdrawals above 10,000 Rupees. This is a safety measure to protect you from misrepresentation of card payments.Continue reading “SBI Customers Need To Enter OTP For Cash Withdrawals”

Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates

In India Fixed Deposits(FD’s)are popular saving instrument. Guaranteed returns and easy encashment at any point of time makes bank customers stick to fixed deposits even now! Even though fixed deposits interest rates are declining in the recent times, some customers still prefers FD’s due to its safety nature. For those who are preferring FD’s, here’sContinue reading “Union Bank of India Latest FD Interest Rates”