Expectations vs Reality

We all invest with an “expectation” of creating wealth; no doubt at it! But investors mindset is filled with “Greed” to multiply their wealth in a short time. Is it possible? Have you ever think how “Wealth” is created? Though it is hard to digest, Wealth is created through “Consumerism”. By consuming goods and servicesContinue reading “Expectations vs Reality”

Do You Want Better Returns Than Bank FD? Consider Post Office Time Deposit

India is said to be a saving economy, it implicates natuural saving culture of Indians. But from the past few years banks are decreasing interest rates which hurts the savings culture. Today Many savers are not interested to do bank fixed deposits(FD) due to falling interest rates. But there’s still a hope to them inContinue reading “Do You Want Better Returns Than Bank FD? Consider Post Office Time Deposit”

Need Of Goal-Based Investing

Once India is said to be “Savings Economy”, but slowing the trend has been changing. Many individuals are coming forward to “Invest” especially from covid times. As the trend of work from home commence many have leisure time to think over investments. As the work from home conditions allow flexible working hours new investors areContinue reading “Need Of Goal-Based Investing”