As You Grow Older, Increase Your Investment Amount

Many of us like to spend money on New Year Parties, Birthday Celebrations etc. Though it is not a bad one, what we all are ignoring is “Inflation”. As years passby inflation increases and it still continues even after your income stops(During Retirement) What we have to remember is – As we are welcoming newContinue reading “As You Grow Older, Increase Your Investment Amount”

Choose “Right SIP Amount” To Fulfill Your Dreams

Now SIP(Systematic Investment Plan) is a very popular investment term. Everyone are familiar with its pros and cons. But how many of them are doing right sip amounts to fulfill their life goals? Hardly we can count on fingers the investors who are doing right sip amounts; Do you know the reason why? Why toContinue reading “Choose “Right SIP Amount” To Fulfill Your Dreams”

Normal Sip vs Step-Up Sip; Which Gives Better Returns?

Today all are aware of Systematic Investment Plans(Sip). As it is a convenient way to invest small amounts periodically mutual fund sip’s have gained popularity. But very few people are aware of Step-up sip; an additional feature to normal sip. What is Step-Up Sip? In Normal sip, the investor invests “Same amount” throughout the tenureContinue reading “Normal Sip vs Step-Up Sip; Which Gives Better Returns?”