Central Government keeps small savings interest rates unchanged for the 9th consecutive Quarter

We all know that central government revises small savings interest rates every Quarter(3 Months). But even RBI insists that small savings schemes interest rates are far higher than bank fixed deposits, central government keeps small savings interest rates unchanged for the 9th consecutive Quarter though there are rumours that central government will revises small savingsContinue reading “Central Government keeps small savings interest rates unchanged for the 9th consecutive Quarter”

Benefits of Taking Housing Loan

Having a own house is a dream to many people! But due to rising prices, they can’t afford to buy their dream home right now! In olden days, people save money and fulfill their dream house during their retirement, but the generation has changed! Today many people are preferring to take home loans instead ofContinue reading “Benefits of Taking Housing Loan”

PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions

We all are aware that PPF(Public Provident Fund)is a long-term savings tool. It is a government backed social security scheme so there is no risk associated with the capital and the interest accrued! As we all know that PPF is locked for 15 full financial years. But we can withdraw/ take loan from the existingContinue reading “PPF a/c Pre-Mature Closure Terms and Conditions”

ITR Filing Through SBI YONO App

We all know that SBI offers various digital services through Yono app. But do you know that you can file your ITR(Income Tax Return) through Yono app that too for free! Yes, You can file your income tax return through Yono app for “Free”, For that you have to keep these items in handy- AadharContinue reading “ITR Filing Through SBI YONO App”

How To Avail Tax Exemption On Home Loan

Everyone dream to have a own house! It’s natural! But it is not possible for everyone to own a house with their minimal salaries! Even their salaries permits, they tend to spend on unnecessary things neglecting the dream further! To avoid this, every salaried individual(subject to the income levels) can plan for home loan. ByContinue reading “How To Avail Tax Exemption On Home Loan”

How To Avail Capital Gains Tax Exemption on Sale of a House Property

Buying and selling capital assets(Real Estate, House, shares, mutual fund units) attracts capital gains tax. This may vary according to the nature of the asset and the holding period. Meaning of Capital Gain– Capital Gain arises out of the profit you derive from the sale of the capital asset. Only the profit you gained againstContinue reading “How To Avail Capital Gains Tax Exemption on Sale of a House Property”