Be aware of the ‘thief’ that will steal your wealth silently

Many people focus on income earning but they are forgetting on the “silent killer- Inflation” in creating wealth to their loved ones. Generally parents wants to transform their wealth to their next generations, for that they “save money” but whatever they saved is nothing after 20-25 years! Surprised? Are you too surprised to hear thatContinue reading “Be aware of the ‘thief’ that will steal your wealth silently”

Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages

Every individual who are livving on this earth needs “Money”. Whatever the currency may be the world is revolving around “Money”. Infact Popular sociologist Karl Marx Recalls- “Human Relations are all Financial Relations”. That’s the “Power of Money” To survive in this world, everyone needs “Money”. So we shouldn’t ignore such relevant instrument. For thatContinue reading “Plan Your Finances According To Your Life Stages”

What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market

Stock Market is a tactical game. If you select good share/stock in a bear market(downfall)you would end up huge profits in the bull market(upwards in share prices). But human psychology is filled with “emotions of Greed and Fear”. According to human psychology, investors invests more if the market is in bull run, at the sameContinue reading “What’s Your Behavior in Bear and Bull Markets Reflects Your Wealth in Stock Market”

Good Financial Habits To Be Developed in Your Early 20’s

Are you in 20’s and waiting for 1st Pay Check? Though it is a natural tendency to enjoy the “Live in the Moment”concept it is the best time to plan for your golden years(Retirement)especially if you are in 20’s Many people realise the need of retirement in early 40-50’s, but they don’t recognise they areContinue reading “Good Financial Habits To Be Developed in Your Early 20’s”

Warren Buffet Won’t Be Like That! Then Why We Should Be?

Warren Buffet is well-known name in investment world! His principles and preachings are followed by many upcoming investors even today! We all know that warren buffet is one of the wealthiest persons in the world, but when you closely observe him- He leads simple life- lives in old building since decades He never appoints aContinue reading “Warren Buffet Won’t Be Like That! Then Why We Should Be?”

5 Misconceptions on Sips

As the number of sip folios(accounts)are increasing day-by-day, there are several misconceptions in the minds of the investors still today! As AMFI’s(Association of Mutual Funds of India) campaign “Mutual Fund Sahi Hai” prompts investors to do sip’s higher rather than lumpsum investments, sips have gained popularity. Even though this is somewhat true, mutual fund investorsContinue reading “5 Misconceptions on Sips”

Best Ways to invest in Gold

As Gold is treated as save haven by Indians, Purchasing Gold occasionally is common thing we notice in India. Though Gold is purchased “Traditionally”(in the form of the ornaments, gold bars)in olden days, due to resurgence of technology various “Investment Options” were introduced to invest in gold Various Ways to invest in Gold- 1.Traditional Gold–Continue reading “Best Ways to invest in Gold”